#Work1forEternity Ideas

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Get creative!

If you are…

An Business Owner / Employer – Choose a day each month and dedicate the income or a portion of the income, from that day to Eternity Bible College.  Put a challenge out to your employees to each do their own #Work1forEternity and match their investment.

A Pastor – Let your congregation know about #Work1forEternity and invite them to take part (we have a video and flyer to assist you if you’d like). Consider dedicating a portion of one of your weekly offerings to benefit Eternity Bible College.

A Runner – Run your next 5k, 10k, marathon, or ultra-marathon for a greater purpose! Ask friends to sponsor you for each kilometer or mile and let your Work1 be a Run1!

An Employee – Let your boss know you’d like to work a few extra hours each month.  Or, you could cash in a vacation day if your employer offers the option to do that. See if your boss will match your #Work1forEternity pledge.

A Nurse / Fireman / Policeman – You know many of your coworkers work extra shifts for themselves; challenge them to work an extra shift for something eternal, something significant and backup that challenge by doing it yourself.

Self-Employed – Dedicate a period of time or a set number of hours you will work with a client and donate the monies you earn during that time. Devote a portion or the entire income of 1 work project​ to help.

Retired –Why not offer your services doing the type of work you did before retiring and help out neighbors, friends or family members?

A Child or Teenager – You can organize a bake-sale or carwash, donate some baby-sitting hours or take on some additional chores to benefit the school. See our Host-A-Fundraiser program or contact us for more info and to get started.

These are simply suggestions – let your imagination and particular situation guide you! Please let us know additional ideas by either emailing us at work1@eternitybiblecollege.com or by posting your ideas on social media with the hashtag #Work1forEternity.