Are you ready to join the movement of people who are making simple sacrifices of time to invest into Eternity?

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#Work1forEternity is a simple yet powerful tool that you can implement immediately to have significant kingdom impact.

By working just 1 extra shift, taking on a few extra hours or dedicating the income from just 1 client or project, you can further the mission of Eternity Bible College to prepare graduates who are agents of kingdom transformation in the lives of their churches and communities.

One of the most exciting things about #Work1forEternity is that anyone can do it! It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80, self-employed or salaried, retired or just tired.

Imagine how the Lord will multiply a few hours of your time to produce fruit beyond your imagination. An investment in Eternity is truly an investment in eternity as lives are transformed and disciples are made.

Join with others who are working 1 for Eternity. Share your story, photos and/or video on social media using the hashtag #Work1forEternity.

How #Work1forEternity works:

  1. You pick work that is unique to you and your situation: your 1. Let your creativity really shine here! If you’d like some ideas, some suggestions can be found here.
  1. Work your 1. Whatever it is you chose, work it and while you’re doing it let everyone you talk to and work with know why you’re doing it.
  1. Post a video or picture of you working your on Facebook, Twitter, and / or Instagram with #Work1forEternity as a hashtag to encourage and inspire us all!
  1. Send the proceeds of your Work1 to Eternity Bible College.
  1. Do it again because it was so fun and encouraging!

It’s that simple!

Donate Now

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One day we will all stand before the Lord and give an account for what we’ve done with the lives He entrusted to us. How much of your life will be the worthless wood, hay, and straw? How much will be gold, silver, and precious stones? I guarantee you the time you invest in #Work1forEternity will be building with gold, silver, and precious stones as you invest into the transformation of lives to the glory of Jesus!